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Raise the profile of your organization and its thought leaders by shaping the news and conversation about your key issues.

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Make The News!

Raise the profile of your organization and its thought leaders around key issues.

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The Non-Profit Future of the Media

Trust in corporate media is at an all-time low. The opportunity for non-profit and civic organizations to step up and provide credible news and information to the public has never been greater. St8 is a platform that empowers organizations to source, produce and distribute information on the issues they are uniquely qualified to address to the people who care most about those issues. St8 makes it easy and affordable for mission-driven organizations to become trusted, high-profile media providers.

Reach and Engage Your Audience Online

Expand your reach and mobilize support for your mission and the issues associated with the work you do. St8 helps you easily find, package and distribute digital content that gets you noticed, sparks conversation and builds relationships with your constituents.

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Build your brand and position your organization as a leader by helping to frame the public conversation on your most important mission-related topics. St8 provides tools that allow your organization to demonstrate its expertise and provide relevant and timely thought leadership around the issues you are mandated to address.

Stay Relevant and Informed

Stay on top of the issues your organization covers and ensure you are aware of important developments in the public conversation. St8 also allows you to easily follow what key opinion leaders are saying and quickly provide your perspective in a way that promotes social media engagement and public conversation.

How It Works

St8 builds you a digital content pipeline so you can easily create and distribute timely and relevant commentary on the most important issues of the day. We help you to maximize your online reach and foster engagement and social sharing. You become an online publishing force in just 4 simple steps:

1. Track and Discover

You tell us which people and issues you want to track and bring awareness to. St8 scans the web and tracks mentions of them for you.

2. Select

St8 delivers the latest content about your people and issues from the best sources on the web (no fake news here) to your inbox and your custom content pipeline. You choose which of that content to share.

3. Create

St8 makes it easy to issue original st8ments on trending topics or fact-check, provide opinion on, or simply share content in your automated pipeline. You get maximium engagement, social sharing and branding.

4. Distribute

St8 packages your custom news content and distributes it to all of your social and online marketing channels, as well as our network of content partners to maximize your online reach.

What You Can Do With It

Discover, package and distribute relevant and timely content to your social media, email list and other online audiences.

You get a branded social media and search engine-optimized microsite to serve as your online hub for information on the events, issues and people you want to cover. Your automated email news digests and shared content are also clearly branded.

Learn what opinion leaders are saying about important issues related to your mission.

Demonstrate leadership by sharing your analysis and fact-checking of statements by opinion leaders in your community. We ensure your insight reaches the largest audience possible.

Create official st8ments from your organization and its thought leaders on the issues of the day. Easily distribute them to all your social media and online audiences – a newswire for the 21st century.

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